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The Devil Rides Out - Based on the classic novel by Dennis Wheatley


"A beautiful woman is snared by Satanists through her clairvoyant powers, and a young man brought to the verge of madness by endeavouring to secure occult aid in his financial operations. Against a background of Satanists at work in 1930's London and the Devil's Mass performed in a ruined monastery, three friends fight the Powers Of Darkness in a great musical. Based on the classic Dennis Wheatley novel and the Hammer film, this musical has had rave reviews in Europe and America."

Spencer Leigh - BBC Radio Merseyside


"Fabulous Music"

Little Shoppe of Horrors magazine - USA


"I totally recommend it. It could do better than Phantom of the Opera"

Liverpool Echo Letters


"Move over Andrew Lloyd Webber"

Billy Butler - Radio Merseyside


"If I had 1 million I'd sponsor it myself"

Tony Bramwell - Eva Cassidy's Manager


"I love it. It should be in the West End"

21st Century Radio. USA


"Wonderful music. Inspiring"

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