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Recording 'The Devil Rides Out ' Album


Having written the songs for his musical, Colin knew that if he was to convince others, then the only way was to record the songs.

Merseyside has produced a wealth of musicians over the years and Colin was determined to use local artists to record and produce the album. Working in the music industry both as a guitarist and composer, he had come into contact with many talented people. Teaming up with two other local producers, Colin began the process of recording the album.

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Paul Brooks - Paul's Studios


In addition to managing a recording studio, Paul is also a fine arranger, vocalist and keyboard player.

Together with the recording and mixing talents of Mike Harvey, Paul was the ideal person to help Colin produce the album.

Paul has played with many famous artists over the years including Sir Cliff Richard.

Paul played the part of Richard Eaton on the CD version and can be seen here at the keyboard in his studio.

Billy Kinsley - 'Rex'


Billy hardly needs any introduction, being a key member of  'The Merseybeats', one of  Merseyside's most famous groups from the 60's, who had many hits including
 ' I Think of You' and 'Sorrow' . 

Billy is also a member of the band 'Liverpool Express' who had a hit with 'You are my love'.
Here he can be seen in the studio recording the vocal track for one of the most beautiful songs on the album 'Tanith'.

Kenny Parry - 'The Duke'


Kenny sang the parts of The Duke on the album and can be seen here preparing to record the title song from the musical 'The Devil Rides Out'.

Kenny has a terrific voice and is a member of the band 'Liverpool Express' alongside fellow musician Billy.

The lead guitar solo on the this track is also played by Kenny.

Phil Melia - 'Simon Aron'


Phil Melia sings the parts of Simon on the Album.

Here he can be seen in the studio during one of the recording sessions.

Phil is a great guitarist and vocalist and played in a local band called Faron's Flamingo's.

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